Exit is a project that comes from the love for Naples and the desire to spread it through a sharing experience out of the ordinary. Naples can not be understood, Naples can be felt inside and can give unique and different emotions. Who "hears" Naples knows that the best way to perceive it in all its facets is outside the usual tourist and pre-packaged patterns that flatten reality, often relegating it to a commonplace. In our mission the customer is not just a visitor, he is the protagonist of a personal, intimate and unique journey.

A kaleidoscope of colors, sounds, aromas and flavors. Exit offers you the opportunity to get into the authentic Neapolitan reality, in a dimension that involves all the five senses. All this through tailor-made experiences, according to your mood and your needs, thanks to our personalized itineraries and special packages. Do you feel more romantic or gourmet? Do you want to immerse yourself in crystal clear waters or colorful alleys? To you the choice. Let yourself be cuddled, we'll take care of everything else ...

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